Bastards 2019

APRIL 25th-27th, 2019

Windup Space
Baltimore, MD

Below is a preview of the schedule. MORE DETAILS SOON!

Thursday, April 25th

6:00pm – 8:00pm Pre-Reception RSVP Only Dinner (Buy your own food & drink – Joe Squared, 33 W. North Ave, across the street from Windup Space)

8:00pm Registration & Opening Reception (light eats and cash bar)

9:00pm Bastardly Keynote with Snowden Becker & Liz Coffey with special opening act by Chuck Howell

Followed by the triumphant return of The Bastards Karaoke Band!

Friday, April 26th

10:00am Welcome & Introductions

10:30am – 6:00pm Screenings and Conversations (details on time and presenters coming soon)

Teach Me, Teacher (Part I)
Films and videos meant to teach us something strange, obscure, or life-alteringly informational. 

John Klacsmann – Baby death trap “crash tests”
Dan Erdman – The Baron Goes Shopping: The Afterlife of a Twin Cities Wrestling Heel
Gideon C. Kennedy – The Philosophy of Informationism (aka the “PLAY ME” tape)

Manly Pursuits
Why it’s important to let men be men. OR, why this idea is terrible.

Juan Carlos Kase – “A Hidden Index of Female Presence in a Vanishing Container”
Brian Boling – The spirit of manifest destiny
Liz Coffey – A Bastardly Experience

You Filthy Animal(s)
Evidence that bastard films can affect more than their intended (human) audiences.

Elizabeth and Paul Nelson – Brain Lesions and the Behavior of Rats
Timothy Wisniewski – Soft subjects: research films from the laboratories of Johns Hopkins

Teach Me, Teacher (Part II: The #MeToo Edition)
Films and videos meant to teach women something strange, obscure, or life-alteringly informational.

Oliver Gaycken – Selections from Nurse-Patient Interaction and The Third Eye
Stephanie Sapienza – How to Say No To a Rapist

Children of the Damned
When children appear in bastard films, no one wins. Especially not the children.

Robert Vaszari – Improvised Drama: An Enquiry into Its Value for the English Teacher
Marsha Gordon – The Idiot Child
Martin Johnson – “i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything more disgusting in my entire life.”: Bastard Films, Documentary Truth, and Who Should Survive? (1971)

Use Me
Meditations on reuse in film and video.

Brian L. Frye & Katrina Dixon – Copyrights & Copywrongs
Kristin Lipska – Madeleine’s Variety Television
Jaimie Baron – Second Generation Bastards


6:00pm– Dinner on your own, followed by Save Your Soul! vinyl/16mm  mashup dance party at The Crown Baltimore,  1910 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218

Saturday, April 27th

10:30am – 6:00pm Screenings and Conversations

Public Violations
No one in charge of making these films thought it necessary to obtain permission from their subjects.

Lauren Trujillo –  At the Memorial
Albert Steg – [Syracuse Violation]

Baltimore’s Best Bastards
Baltimore is full of film nerds who (intentionally or unintentionally) curate, contextualize, or create bastard films.

Bob Rose – The best of BONUS DISC
MONDO Baltimore – Best of MONDO Baltimore

We Ought Not Forget the Aughts
Bastardly depictions of the post-9/11 era.

Ashley Blewer, Travis L. Wagner – Rhond<3’s Greatest Hits
Bradley Eros presents Elle Burchill w/ Andrew Lampert – If I’d a known you was bringin’ a girl, I’da put my teeth in

Comfort is Overrated
Someone once said that the avant-garde was not meant to make you comfortable. Well neither were bastard films. Four exercises in forms of discomfort in a moving image.

Sarah Eilers – Mardi Gras at Carville 1983
Tom Whiteside – Dogs!
John Kostka – ‘Mondo Nexus’ interview out
Eric Cheevers – Travelogue of Hell

Trigger Happy
Bastard films and triggered responses, like chocolate and peanut butter.

Rich Remsberg – Leadbelly Newsreel Outtakes
Sara Chapman – (Deaf) Kids Say The Darndest Things
Skip Elsheimer – One of the most shocking films in the A/V Geeks collection

7:00pm RSVP Closing Night Dinner (pay in advance) – Details soon!

8:00pm After-eats Antics at Patterson Bowling (2105 Eastern Ave. in Fells Point/Patterson Park). Barbecue dinner catered by Blue Pit BBQ, including both meat and vegan mains, and sides. Two drink tickets per person, and it’s BYOB if you want to bring more.

Sunday, April 27th

11:00am – 1:00pm Brunch (optional) at the home of Bob and Teresa Wagner.