2017 Program

APRIL 27th-30th, 2017

Raleigh NC USA.

Times could change.

THURSDAY NIGHT, APRIL 27th  – downtown Raleigh
6:00 – 8:00pm
RSVP Opening Night Dinner at Beasley’s and Chuck’s, 237 S Wilmington St , downtown Raleigh
(Meet up with folks. Buy your own food & drinks.)
237 S. Wilmington St, Raleigh, NC 27601  http://ac-restaurants.com/

8:00 – 12:00pm – Kings, 14 W Martin St, downtown Raleigh
14 W Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601 http://www.kingsraleigh.com/

Bastards Reception
Snacks & cash bar

9:00-12:00pm (Open to the Public, $5)
Introductory Remarks by Snowden, Skip, Marsha & Dwight

Keynote Presentation followed by the triumphant return performance by The Bastards One-Hit Wonder Karaoke Band. Sing-a-long with your favorite Bastard attendee and the catchy one-hit wonder they chose to sing.


With Brian L. Frye and Bradley Eros of the RBMC (among other mis-adventures), who will present:

1.) A little (apocryphal) history, with a few “essential” films and videos, including an exhibition of original posters, flyers, programs & calendars.

2.) A performance/’recreation’ of the infamous Mistakes (everything you can do wrong) show, enacting a multitude of projection failures & inspired screw-ups, with guest projectionists, perhaps, and other ‘professional(?) pitch-hitters’

3.) An attempt at the unsuccessful Cocktail Cinema event, with related films and drinks, pairing libations & clips in a drunken mixture of free associations, perhaps overlapping, since cocktails can produce even better mistakes . . .

Background on the RBMC:

Every Tuesday night for more than a hex of years, the RBMC illuminated the snowy-white screen of the Collective Unconscious on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Initiated by Brian Frye & immediately joined by Bradley Eros, both shared the core curating frenzy of this no-budget operation, managing to produce over 300 programs and exhibiting more than a thousand artists. When Frye left, it relocated & regrouped, mutating into Roberta Beck Mercurial Cinema at Participant Inc’s gallery just around the corner, for a year, with a team of at least six, but primarily & irrepressibly Eros & Joel Schlemowitz. It later became a restless, nomadic cinema, mushrooming & mutating in myriad incarnations, most notoriously at Issue Project Room on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, both indoors and out. Lastly, it explored more artworld and musical contexts, transforming the field of experimental film, as both quixotic and quicksilver.

FRIDAY DAY, APRIL 28th – Kings, 14 W Martin St, downtown Raleigh

Coffee and pastries provided by Anisette.

Educational/Industrial fails
Skip Elsheimer – The other Ro-Revus
Travis Wagner – Coast Town Youth
Brian L. Frye – Colorization, Inc. Promo

Porny stuff
Stephen Parr – Subliminal Sex
John Kostka – Portrait of the Archivist as a Young Man

Personal stories, told in weird ways
Rick Prelinger – Window Water Baby Passing
Antonella Bonfanti – Bonfanti Jewelry Surveillance Footage, 1981
Tom Whiteside – The Bastard Did It

You are the wind beneath my wings (aka, Come fly with me)
Liz Coffey – Spotter Test Reel
Stephen Parr – Aetheric Aviation
Dan Erdman – 747 Wing Destruction

Lunch provided by Capital Club 16.

Bastard rhymes and grooves
Cinema Bomar – The Grooving of Dan Magrew
Stephanie Sapienza – Paul Anka’s ‘Jubilation’ music video, with animation by Jules Engel
Greg Pierce – Singing Machine

Dinner On Your Own

8:00 – 11:00pm

Film and Record Potluck
Imurj, 300 S McDowell St, downtown Raleigh

Bring a 16mm film and/or a record and our DJ/projectionists will mix and match. Open to the unsuspecting public.

SATURDAY DAY, APRIL 29th – Kings, 14 W Martin St, downtown Raleigh

Coffee and pastries provided by Anisette.

That’s inappropriate!
Sara Chapman – Shock Jock New Year’s Train Wreck
Liz Coffey – Rich Cat, Poor Cat
Josephine McRobbie and Jason Evans Groth – Hall of Shame

Clinical creeps
Dino Everett – Continent Ileal Reservoir (Koch) An Alternative to Urinary Diversion
Eric Cheevers – Operation Dry Pants – New Approaches to Warehousing the Mentally Challenged, or Why the 60s Weren’t as Great as we Think.

Lunch provided by Garland.

access, appraisal, and understanding
Tom Colley  – Dome I, Children I
Amy Sloper – Crash Clip
Carlos Kase – How to Bag a Trophy Gobbler and Other Life Lessons from the VHS Era of Instructional Hunting Videos

She’s got legs
Rich Remsberg – Jake Leg Films
Lydia Pappas – SCAR 129 Cripple Clinic Film

You don’t buy it, you just rent it
John Klacsmann – Durational Disorderly Binge Drunking
Dwight Swanson – Shoe Abuse

Wrap-Up Discussion


RSVP Closing Night Dinner at Five Star, 511 W Hargett St, downtown Raleigh

$24 per person buffet (not including drinks). Friendly, hip Chinese food with veggie options.

After dinner SATURDAY NIGHT, APRIL 29th – Level Up Arcade, 126 S Salisbury St, downtown Raleigh

Video games. Do you still remember your Galaga patterns?

11am – ?, SUNDAY BRUNCH, APRIL 30th – A/V Geeks Archive, 714 Tyler Rd, downtown Raleigh.

Food and refreshments and farewells at the A/V Geeks Archive. Check out of your hotel/house and come by the archive with your luggage. Relax until its time to go to the airport/train station/stagecoach stables.